Stewart Elementary School

What beach are you studying?
Grand Mere State Park
Nearest port city
Our nearest port city is St.Joseph, MI.
Body of Water
Lake Michigan
Type of Water
The water type is freshwater.
Number of months people enjoy the beach
People enjoy Grand Mere State Park in June, July, August, and September because those are the warmest times of the year.
Busiest Months
Our busiest months are June, July, August, and September because that’s when school is out but a lot of people go during the weekends during September.
Grand Mere State Park is characterized by magnificent sand dunes, deep blowouts and one mile of Lake Michigan shoreline. Three inland lakes lie behind the dunes in the undeveloped natural area.
Typical Visitors
Runners, boaters, fishermen, swimmers, canoers, tourists, family and kids.
Activities Enjoyed at the Beach
Here is an article written by our school librarian, Mrs. Blesy about searching for beach glass! Check out the photo of another Stewart teacher's collection (Mrs. Mallen)!
Fish caught at and around your beach
Shark Worries?
NO!!! because sharks live in salt water and our lakes are freshwater.
Other Dangers and Warnings
There are snakes, snapping turtles, rip currents,and poison ivy.
Local Environment around the Beach
The local environment that is in Grand Mere is that it is sandy, has lots of hills.
Land Wildlife
The land wildlife at Grand Mere is birds, salamanders, ferns, sassafras, snot~grass, cacti, oak trees, snails, snakes, iriss, frogs, ticks, flies, bees, owls, raccoons, sand dunes, sand, rocks, minos, poison ivy, slugs, toads, gulls, woodpeckers, worms, dragonflies, cougars, beach pea, snapping turtles, box turtles, squirrels, spiders, and skunks.
The birds we learned about were The Yellow belly Sap Sucker and the Peewee bird.
Shells or Aquatic Wildlife
One of the animals in Lake Michigan is a mussels. Another is a spike .We also saw a cactus, 3 different kinds of ferns, and a oak tree
Pollution and Sollutions
Plastic, balloons, paper, wood,& cans These are in the lake because people don’t care.So help the planet and pick up all this pollution & thats the only sollution.
What Else?