Gulf Breeze Elementary School, Gulf Breeze, Fl
shared by Mrs. Mann and Mrs. McCullough's class at Gulf Breeze Elementary in Gulf Breeze, FL
What beach are you studying?
Pensacola Beach

Nearest port city
Pensacola, FL

Body of Water
Gulf of Mexico

Type of Water
Salt Water

Number of months people enjoy the beach

Busiest Months
June, July, August

The turquoise water at our beach glistens like majestic gems! Our beach is covered with sugar-white sand that shines like a crystal in the radiant sunlight! It isn't surprising to walk upon the edge of the way and find one of the most immaculate shells you've ever seen!
Shells Galore!!

Typical Visitors
The people who visit out beautiful beach come from the United States, Canada, and even Europe!

Activities Enjoyed at the Beach
Parasailing, Surfing, Beach Volleyball, Snorkling, Jet Skiing, Fishing, Boating, Swimming, Paddle Boarding, Badmitton, Football, Kayaking, Exercising, Sand Castle Building!
Surf Camp!

Fish caught at and around your beach
Red fish, sharks, king mackerel, trout (rainbow, white, speckled), pompano, grouper, mahi mahi, trigger fish, mullet, salt water cat fish, whitings, red snapper, sting ray, flounder, shrimp, crab, oysters, blue marlin, barracuda, squid, sail fish, and so on...

Shark Worries?
Us kids don't stress too much about running into a shark! However, our teachers reminded us that we should always watch closely during dawn and dusk, since this is when the sharks like to feed! We were also reminded that we should always be extremely aware between sand bars since the sharks like to hang out around them while feeding!

Other Dangers and Warnings
"The greatest danger has got to be the rip tides! Many tourists that don't visit our beach are unaware of this danger. However, we locals are very aware and know to stay out of the water during bad currents! There is a flag system that we look at to warn us about any water dangers! Do NOT ever get in the water when there is a red flag flying!!
We also have smaller dangers such as jelly fish, man-o-wars, etc! "
Check out our safety video!!

Local Environment around the Beach
"Our beach is located in the perfect location :)
There are many fun spots to visit, along with numerous relaxation spots! We enjoy all of the yummy restaurants and fun shops! The beautiful city of Gulf Breeze surrounds our beach and adds a little extra sparkle to the beach!"

Land Wildlife
Sea Gulls, Pelicans, sand fleas

Sea Gulls, Pelicans, Cranes, Sand Piper, Heron, Hawks.
Sand Piper!!

Another Sand Piper!!

Shells or Aquatic Wildlife
Sand dollars, conch shells, sting rays, hermit crabs, dolphins/porpoise, Crabs (sand, hermit, blue, ghost, horseshoe, mole), sea turtles, oysters, jelly fish, man-o-war, star fish, and many more!!!
Watch out for the JELLYFISH!

Pollution and Sollutions
"Remember when you heard about the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexio all over the news a few years ago?! ... Yepp, that was us! It happened at our back door.
When this event took place, our beach became an intergral part of a historic event. There were many crews who spent numerous hours daily cleaning up from this catastrophe.
However, we are ecstatic to let the world know that our beautiful beach is perfectly a-ok and survived the terrible incident!!! It is as gorgeous as ever and we are so thrilled to be playing in our back yard again!!! "

What Else?
Our beach has glistening white sands!
Dirt and clay is not permitted on the island during construction! This would have the potential to ruin the white sands.
Fort Pickens is an integral part of our beaches!
National seashores surround our beach!
A glimpse of the Gulf at Fort Pickens
A view of the gulf from Fort Pickens

Look below and take a peek at some of our favorite things at the beach!