Mr. Erickson's 3rd grade class
Lourdes Academy, Daytona Beach, Florida

What beach are you studying?
Daytona Beach

Nearest port city
Daytona Beach

Body of Water
Atlantic Ocean

Type of Water
Salt Water

Number of months people enjoy the beach

Busiest Months

Daytona Beach is a sandy beach. The sand is quite fine, and it compacts down quite hard after tide goes out. Our beach is kind of unique in that cars are allowed to drive/park on it.

Typical Visitors
People come from all over the world to visit our beach. Floridians who live inland especially visit on the weekends. We (the local people) get to enjoy it all of the time!

Activities Enjoyed at the Beach
"Out of the water, people enjoy beach volleyball, flying kites, sunbathing, building sand castles, surf fishing, or just taking a walk to enjoy the people/sun/surf.

In the water, people like to sail, surf, swim, body surf, wind surf, and just play in the water and get their feet wet."

Fish caught at and around your beach
"Sport anglers here can catch redfish, sea trout, snook, flounder, whiting, pompano, blue fish, and more.
Their is commercial fishing miles off-shore as well. "

Shark Worries?
Sharks are a concern, especially for the surfers. Our shark encounters have not seemed to be serious, however, and usually just nips.

Other Dangers and Warnings
Rip tides of course can be a concern, as well as the occasional jellyfish. The shore patrol usually puts out signs or flags to alert the beachgoers.

Local Environment around the Beach
Our beach is surrounded by the city of Daytona Beach, which is quite commercial, and tourist driven.

Land Wildlife
A variety of small sand crabs, the occassional sea turtle (especially during their reproductive season: May- Oct).

Pelicans, a variety of seagulls, seahawks, sandpipers, and white egrets.

Shells or Aquatic Wildlife
Daytona beach is not known for its shells. Visitors to our beach may see a varity of baitfish in the swells, an array of different types of rays, and dolphins not far off-shore. I have been out in the water while dolphins jumped and played no more than 10-15 feet away!

Pollution and Sollutions
I'm sure our beach has been effected by pollution somewhat, but not to the extent that anyone would overtly notice.

What Else?
NASCAR was founded in Daytona Beach, and the cars used to race down on the beach!