Welcome to the Great Beach Exploration Project 2012 -

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We are constantly adding content so check back often.

We are still accepting new classes willing to share what the beach is like in their part of the world. Please join us today.

What is it?

  • Classes all over the world are sharing what the beach is like where they live.
  • Teachers are guiding students to compare and contrast their findings.
  • Students will be formulating challenges based on their findings. What project plans of action will they put into action? It will be up to them
  • If your class is near a beach and would like to participate, please email Hamilton, MI teacher Andy Losik for a link to a Google Form to begin answering the investigation questions.

Who's participating? Click on each school to view their "What's it like on your beach?" Page.

Phase 1: Investigate and Share

  • Classes will be studying and answering a number of questions about their home beach that will be shared here on the wiki.
  • Classes will also be encouraged to link images, video, and other types of multimedia when their answers are posted in a dedicated space here. This is so all participating will get a chance to fully understand what the beaches are like where the other kids live and go to school.
  • Schools may begin to post their answers right away. We are hoping for a target date of Mid May to have the wiki filled with lots of information for schools to share.

Phase 2: Challenge your Kids (optional)

  • Classes may choose to create some type of challenge based learning opportunity with their students. CBL projects have students look at a big idea (like our beaches) and then ask essential questions about what kind of real-life impact they can have on improving something that needs fixing. Kids come up attainable sollutions and spend time reflecting on the experience.
  • Space will be made available here for schools to post about their challenges and how it impacted their communities.
  • A number of "Getting Started with Challenge Based Learning" resources are available here for teachers.

We now have a blog. Check out the latest posts.

Beach Bums Blog

Class Explorations Pages to Visit

Two Great Activites from the National Park Service:
Water Explore - Discover many of the US's National Parks with beachesRip Currents - Understanding water safety

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